The tree surgery industry is a highly skilled craft that requires years of training and experience. For these reasons, it’s absolutely crucial that you choose a reputable provider such as ourselves. What are the most requested services provided by our tree surgery in Croydon? Read on to find out!

Crown reduction is a popular service that involves the removal of some of a tree’s lower branches to allow sunlight to reach the ground. It’s a safe and effective way to keep trees healthy, reduce the risk of storm damage and improve the look of your property.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is one of the most common pruning techniques arborists use to control the size of trees. It can help to reduce the stress on individual branches or the tree as a whole, and also make the tree more suitable for its surroundings or reduce the effects of shading.

The process involves cutting a branch back to a healthy, growing lateral branch that is strong enough to take on the role of the parent branch. This allows the parent branch to heal itself and reduces long, heavy limbs.

This process is important because it helps the tree to avoid mechanical stress and improves its health by removing dry, diseased, and dead branches. It can also help to stop ‘sail’, which can make a tree more vulnerable to storm damage.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the process of removing selected branches and limbs from the lower part of a tree’s crown to lift its overall height. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including increasing the clearance between the ground and the lower branches to allow vehicles and pedestrians to pass underneath safely or to increase light transmission to areas closer to the tree.

It may also be required for other reasons such as reducing the weight of potentially dangerous limbs and balancing a misshapen tree.

It is a simple and easy service to undertake, but it should only be carried out by experienced arborists as it can be a dangerous and complex task if there are heavy branches or the tree is located in difficult-to-access areas.

Stump Treatment

Stump Treatment is one of the 5 most common services provided by a tree surgeon. Stump treatment refers to the physical excavation of a tree stump and usually the roots associated with it, and is a necessary service as rotten or dead stumps can be a hazard for people and animals alike.

Often stumps left to decompose attract fungal diseases that could harm other garden trees, or even pose a danger to people and animals. As a result, tree stumps should be removed and disposed of as soon as possible.


Pollarding is the practice of cutting trees back to stubs, which encourages new shoots to grow. This method is used in forestry for both practical and decorative reasons and has been around since medieval times.

It’s a great way to control the size of a tree, but it can also help prevent root invasion and improve the health of the tree. It’s also often repeated every few years to maintain the desired shape.

Pollarding should only be done on young trees, as they are more likely to respond well to the treatment. Older, mature trees are less tolerant of this form of pruning and can be damaged by it.


Felling is the process of cutting down a tree to create space in your garden. It may be for aesthetic reasons or to make room for new plantings.

In order to carry out the felling of a tree safely, tree surgeons will do a risk assessment first. They will also ensure that the area they are working in is secure and free from obstacles.

Once the area is safe for felling, it’s time to start work. Firstly, the base of the tree should be cleared to ensure that it doesn’t become a hazard during the process. Second, two escape paths should be established on opposite sides of the tree. These should be at least 15 feet long and aimed straight away from the fall line of the tree.

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