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Are our services expensive?2023-04-26T10:24:50+00:00

We understand that equestrian construction services can be expensive. That’s why we offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our solutions.

Can we help create an area to help train horses2023-04-26T10:24:07+00:00

A good sand school is essential for the training and exercise of horses. We understand this and provide high-quality sand school construction services that cater to the needs of both professional trainers and enthusiasts alike.

Can we help construct stables?2023-04-26T10:22:56+00:00

We specialise in providing high-quality landscaping services to horse stables in Surrey. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique needs of horse owners and handlers and can help you create a safe, functional, and beautiful environment for your horses.

Who do we offer our services to?2023-04-26T10:22:12+00:00

We offer various services perfect for farms, agriculture centres, stables, and small holdings. 

Can we construct an arena?2023-04-26T10:21:36+00:00

Whether you need an indoor or outdoor arena, we can construct a custom arena that meets your specific needs.

Do we offer drainage services?2023-04-26T10:21:00+00:00

Proper drainage is essential for a healthy and functional horse property. We can install a drainage system that prevents standing water and mud, which can cause health issues for your horses.

Do we install fencing to help keep horses safe?2023-04-26T10:19:43+00:00

Our team of experts can install sturdy and functional fencing and gates to keep your horses safely contained and prevent them from wandering off.

How do we remove metal from glass?2023-04-26T10:18:25+00:00

Chemical treatments or solvents are commonly used to remove paint or permanent markers from glass surfaces.

How do we remove graffiti from metal?2023-04-26T10:17:59+00:00

Chemical treatments are typically the most effective methods for removing graffiti from metal surfaces since they can penetrate deep into exposed pores.

How do we remove graffiti from wood?2023-04-26T10:17:29+00:00

Sanding, priming, and repainting are usually the best options for removing graffiti from wood surfaces.

How do we remove graffiti from concrete?2023-04-26T10:16:49+00:00

Power washing or chemical treatments are often the most effective methods for removing graffiti from concrete and masonry surfaces.

Do we work with private and commercial clients?2023-04-25T10:54:23+00:00

Specialising in both private and commercial work, we have over 12 years of experience in the arboriculture industry.

Do we offer consultations to our clients?2023-04-25T10:53:47+00:00

We offer on-site consultation and advice to ensure that our clients can be guided through the whole tree-felling process to make the problem as easy as possible to deal with.

What is tree felling?2023-04-25T10:53:06+00:00

Tree felling is the process of cutting the tree near the base and felling it in the safest possible manner. Sometimes taken in one complete piece, trees are generally removed by dismantling a section at a time.

What makes us different?2023-04-25T10:50:13+00:00

From designing and constructing gardens to providing ongoing maintenance, our team of landscaping experts will be able to create a stunning space for your home or business.

Why should you choose us to provide your landscaping services?2023-04-25T10:49:40+00:00

We understand the importance of quality workmanship. Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in landscaping and horticulture who are dedicated to creating beautiful spaces.

Are our services available to domestic or commercial customers?2023-04-25T10:48:55+00:00

Our services are available for both residential and commercial clients – from initial consultation through to completion – including garden design, decking installation, paving, wall construction, rockeries, water features and more.

Will the finished work last for a long time?2023-04-21T12:57:53+00:00

Our expertise in modern materials, colour schemes, textural finishes, and wallpapering gives them the knowledge to produce stunning results.

Do we make recommendations?2023-04-21T12:49:31+00:00

We will be able to provide you with advice on colour palettes, textures, finishes, and other options that may be available for your project. They are able to provide you with a range of ideas so that you can implement the perfect look for your home or business space.

What are the benefits of asking Croydon Property Maintenance decorate my property?2023-04-21T12:48:42+00:00

We have the skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure the project is done safely, efficiently, and of high quality, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Do we offer free quotes?2023-04-19T10:23:00+00:00

We certainly do! We will assess all work before providing a full, free and accurate quotation. Only if you are happy with everything, we will commence with the work.

Do we offer diagnostic services?2023-04-19T10:21:48+00:00

We are here to diagnose and resolve any potential drainage issues at your home. Our team is trained to identify the source of the issue, determine the ideal solution, and provide you with an effective resolution that is cost-effective and long-lasting.

Why are drainage clearances so important?2023-04-19T10:21:08+00:00

Drainage problems can have serious and costly consequences if not addressed properly and in a timely manner. 

Are jet and pressure washing services safe?2023-04-19T10:20:07+00:00

Keeping you and your property safe during a jet or pressure washing is our top priority, which is why all of our staff members have specialised safety training and come fully equipped with the right safety equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Do we clean up afterwards?2023-04-19T10:19:30+00:00

Once we’ve finished cleaning, our team takes extra care to ensure any residual dirt or debris is cleared away properly before leaving the premises so there is minimal disruption to your schedule or property.

Can any surface be jet or pressure washed?2023-04-19T10:18:55+00:00

Jet and pressure washing services are ideal for a variety of surfaces, including driveways, decks, patios, siding, roofs, and pool areas. Pressure and jet washing is also suitable for more delicate surfaces such as brick or stone walkways.

Will cleaning my gutters help to make sure blockages don’t reoccur?2023-04-19T10:17:26+00:00

Regularly cleaning and repairing your gutters prevents any build-up of dirt, debris, or organic matter which can create blockages and cause water to back up onto your roof, potentially causing foundation damage or roof leaks.

Do we clean up after the work?2023-04-19T10:15:50+00:00

After completing the job, our team takes extra care to ensure any residual dirt or debris is cleared away properly before leaving the premises so there is minimal disruption to your schedule or property.

What are the benefits of having my gutters cleaned and repaired?2023-04-19T10:15:18+00:00

Making sure that your gutters are clean and not broken will protect your home, increase curb appeal and prolong the life of your roof.

What are the benefits of having my roof cleaned?2023-04-18T11:35:45+00:00

Having the roof of your house professionally cleaned can offer several benefits, including improved curb appeal, increased lifespan, reduced energy costs and improved safety.

Can having my roof cleaned enhance the value of my house?2023-04-18T11:30:44+00:00

It is possible that having the roof of your house cleaned could increase the value of your home. It will depend on the condition of the roof and how much cleaning is necessary.

Will we clean and repair your guttering?2023-04-18T11:28:33+00:00

We offer a full range of roofing services and will repair or clean your guttering. However, no work will be completed without agreeing with you first. For more on these services, please check out the dedicated area of our website.

Do we offer roof surveys?2023-04-18T11:23:29+00:00

We offer a low-cost, comprehensive roof survey service. Before completing any work, we will always take a much closer look (using a drone for those hard-to-reach places) to ensure that we can give you the most accurate assessment possible. If you are looking to purchase a property or buy a house, we can also complete a survey for you.

Are we insured?2023-04-18T11:23:54+00:00

Yes, we are. We have all of the relevant insurance documents to cover all aspects of our work.

Can all graffiti be removed?2023-03-24T11:13:22+00:00

The removal of graffiti is often dependent on the surface it has been applied to and what with. We have a range of cleaning solutions and steam to attempt to remove graffiti and we can apply an anti-graffiti coat to make future removal much easier.

Can we remove graffiti from any surface?2023-03-24T11:12:50+00:00

Most items can be cleaned by controlling the pressure and adding a cleaning solution if it is a delicate surface. We will discuss any reservations you may have before starting any work.

Is graffiti removal safe?2023-03-24T11:12:25+00:00

We have extensive experience in the removal of graffiti and take all necessary precautions.

Can anything make removing graffiti more difficult?2023-03-24T11:11:59+00:00

Certain factors can impact the ease of graffiti removal. These include time – the longer the graffiti is there, the more difficult it will be to remove and the current temperature – Warmer weather increases the rate of remover products and how they operate.

How do we remove graffiti?2023-03-24T11:11:29+00:00

There are a number of different methods for graffiti removal. These can be as simple as painting over it, chemically removing it, or environmentally sustainable removal.

How can I find out if my tree is covered by a Tree Preservation Order?2023-03-24T10:58:46+00:00

Before starting any work, we will check with your local authorities to see if your trees have Preservation Orders on them before any work is carried out and if they do, we will ensure he gets the required permission.

What if my tree is covered by a Tree Preservation Order?2023-03-24T10:58:17+00:00

Trees with a Tree Preservation Order are specially selected for their beauty, prominence, and history, and are classed as having high value to the local area. As such, the Local Authority mark them on a plan and has a number in a schedule. If trees on your property have Preservation Orders on them, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do any work on them but you will need to obtain permission from the Local Authority before work can be carried out and this permission can take time to receive.

Is a damaged or overgrown tree dangerous?2023-03-24T10:57:54+00:00

Damaged or overgrown trees can cause a threat to buildings and even public safety. It’s important to let us come and take a look should you have any concerns.

What is the best time of year to have my tree removed?2023-03-24T10:57:29+00:00

Tree surgery is a year-round process. Whilst some aspects of our work are seasonal, we are always on call to deal quickly and efficiently with any project.

How much do we charge to cut down a tree?2023-03-24T10:57:00+00:00

Because every job is unique, we must consider a wide range of factors, such as your location, accessibility, obstacles, size of the tree, and other job specifications. For a better idea of the potential cost, call us for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Do we install gates as well as fencing?2023-03-24T10:41:10+00:00

Yes, we do. We provide a comprehensive range of landscaping services including all aspects of fencing and gates.

Will I need my neighbour’s permission at install a garden fence?2023-03-24T10:39:17+00:00

There are a couple of factors here. The height of the fence and also where the boundary is for your property. Both of these will impact on any permission requirements (including possible planning permission).

Do we used wooded or concrete fence posts?2023-03-24T10:35:14+00:00

We can install both but this ultimately comes down to individual tastes and needs. We’ll run through your options with you to ensure that you can make a fully informed choice.

Do we offer an emergency callout service?2023-03-24T10:32:32+00:00

We understand that a damaged fence can cause a number of problems and will always aim to arrive as quickly as possible after your call.

Do we repair damaged fences?2023-03-24T10:29:52+00:00

Wherever possible, we will try to repair damaged fences. However, it may sometimes be cheaper to have a new fence installed. We will run through your options with you before starting any work.

Do you need to be in whilst we are working?2023-03-22T09:39:50+00:00

No. As long as we can access your garden freely, or you leave a gate key with a neighbour or in a specified place, we will be able to complete all tasks without you being there.

How far in advance do you need to book?2023-03-22T09:38:07+00:00

We have a large team and can usually accommodate all projects relatively quickly. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to get you booked in with us as quickly as possible.

Can you see some of our previous work?2023-03-22T09:35:12+00:00

Yes, you can. We have a number of examples in the gallery on both website and Social Media channels. We will be happy to provide references upon request as well.

Do we provide free quotes and how do I get a quote?2023-03-22T09:32:58+00:00

Yes, our quotes are always free and come with no obligation. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat through your ideas and budgets, depending on the scale and size of the job we will then provide you with a full written quotation.

Which landscaping services do we provide?2023-03-22T09:30:30+00:00

We are specialists in garden design and all aspects of soft and hard landscaping. This includes driveways, patios, paving, artificial grass, fencing and much more.

Will we tidy up afterwards?2023-03-22T09:28:15+00:00

We certainly will. We treat all properties as if they were our own and tidy up at the end of each day and upon completion of the work.

Do we give free, no-obligation quotes?2023-03-22T09:26:13+00:00

Yes, we do. Once we have spoken to you and gained a full understanding of the work you are looking for, we will get back to you within 48 hours with a free, no-obligation quote.

How long will it take to complete the work?2023-03-22T09:24:33+00:00

This will always depend on the size of the room(s) and the amount of preparation required. We will always work as quickly as possible and once we know exactly what will be involved with your project, we will be able to provide you with a projected timeframe.

If you are painting the inside of my house, is there anything I need to do?2023-03-22T09:22:41+00:00

It makes everything quicker and easier if can clear the room of furniture and other items as much as possible. Obviously, we understand that this is not always possible and as such, we will help with this process wherever we can and will work around furniture and other fittings should it not be possible to clear the room.

Do we paint the interior and exterior of properties?2023-03-22T09:20:48+00:00

Yes, we do. Our painting and decorating services are available both inside and outside of the home.

How much will it cost to unblock my drain?2023-03-22T09:16:30+00:00

We will provide an accurate cost for you before starting any work. Unfortunately, because each job tends to be different, it’s impossible to give a quote before assessing the cause of the blockage and what will be required to unblock it. However, we guarantee to be highly competitive and provide a professional and friendly service.

Do we offer an emergency call-out service?2023-03-22T09:10:53+00:00

Yes, we do. We understand how inconvenient blocked drains can be and will aim to be with you as quickly as possible to resolve the problem.

How do we unblock a drain and how long does it take?2023-03-22T09:07:29+00:00

We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best solution as quickly as possible. We have lots of tools at our disposal and individually tailor all jobs to get the best possible results.

Why are my drains blocked?2023-03-22T09:00:39+00:00

Drains are usually blocked from waste becoming trapped in the drainage system. This can range from hair in the shower, grease and fat in the kitchen and large amounts of toilet paper and un-biodegradable items (such as sanitary towels and nappies) down the toilet. Alternatively, it can be the result of structural issues. We will take a close look to see what is causing the problem and rectify it as quickly as possible.

How will I know if my drains are blocked?2023-03-22T08:54:16+00:00

Slow-draining sinks, slow-draining toilets with high levels of water, bad smells coming from your drains and gurgling pipes are all common signs of a blocked drain.

Do we offer our jet and pressure washing services in all weather?2023-03-21T11:34:14+00:00

We will clean in any weather except freezing conditions (whilst we can work when it’s freezing, the water cannot!). Whether the sun is shining or it is raining heavily, all booked appointments will be honoured. 

Can oil stains be removed?2023-03-21T11:31:17+00:00

Oil stains can be removed or reduced. However, it’s important to remember that a number of factors must be taken into consideration such as; type of stain, type of surface the stain is on, length of time the stain has been present on the surface etc. Typically though, it is usually possible that they can be significantly reduced.

Does jet and pressure washing leave a mess behind?2023-03-21T11:29:04+00:00

Upon completion of every job, we wash down walls and windows and ensure that any wastewater has drained away and rubbish is collected. This is all part of our service.

Will we have to supply the water?2023-03-21T11:26:44+00:00

No, you will not. Because we are completely mobile, we can set up anywhere and begin cleaning.

Do we offer jet and pressure washing services for driveways, patios and paving?2023-03-21T11:25:47+00:00

Most areas can be pressure cleaned by controlling the pressure and adding a cleaning solution if it is a delicate surface. We will discuss any concerns you may have before starting any work.

Do we install new guttering?2023-03-21T11:24:07+00:00

Yes, if your gutters are damaged beyond repair we offer a gutter installation service.

Do we clean gutters as well as repair them?2023-03-21T11:18:30+00:00

We do. Many of our call-outs do not need extensive repair work, a thorough cleaning is often all that is needed to make sure that your guttering is working effectively.

Can broken gutters be repaired?2023-03-21T11:15:39+00:00

Many problems with guttering can be repaired but if large sections are broken, a replacement may be the best solution. Effective gutter repairers can save you a lot of money by providing you with effective solutions which remove the possibility of further damage.

Is it possible to clean or repair my own gutters?2023-03-21T11:13:55+00:00

It is but because the task requires working at height, for your safety, we recommend seeking the services of a professional roofing company.

How will I know that my gutter needs cleaning?2023-03-21T11:12:29+00:00

One of the main ways that people notice their gutter is clogged is due to water overspilling over the sides of the guttering. We will run an assessment to find out exactly why your gutter is not working.

Do we charge for quotations?2023-03-21T10:47:31+00:00

We are always happy to provide a free no obligation quote for any job big or small. Only once this has been agreed upon will we start work.

Why is repairing my roof quickly so important?2023-03-21T10:45:47+00:00

Leaving a damaged roof unrepaired for a long period of time will cause internal damage to plastering, timber, and electrical work and can even s and can even affect the stone or brickwork of the house if the damage is towards the bottom of the roof.


How will I know if my roof needs repairing?2023-03-21T10:43:50+00:00

Many of our customers initially notice watermarks, water damage or condensation marks on the plasterboard in the upstairs or attic rooms. Alternatively, if the roof is on a single-storey building, it will show in the downstairs room. You may also notice a drop in temperature in the house.

Do we offer emergency roof repair services?2023-03-21T10:44:11+00:00

Subject to our availability, we do undertake emergency work. If your roof needs emergency repair, call us on 0800 303 2745

How much do roof repairs cost?2023-03-21T10:37:35+00:00

Because all jobs are different, we provide all our customers with a bespoke quote to complete the repairs. We work with you to keep costs down and stay within budget. 

Do I need scaffolding / hoists when replacing/installing my new rooftop in Croydon?2023-03-10T14:06:37+00:00

Scaffolding/hoists are not always required but depend heavily on size & configuration layout agreed upon between customer & service provider upfront prior to construction commencement date as per industry-accepted safe working practices standards codes regulations put forward by governing bodies.

Are there any benefits that come with using a professional service when replacing/installing my new rooftop in Croydon?2023-03-10T14:03:47+00:00

Absolutely! When using a reliable certified skilled installer for your newly constructed rooftop project you can gain peace of mind knowing that quality materials have been used throughout ensuring maximum durability & protection from inclement weather conditions over time as well long term guarantees from manufacturers providing warranty coverage against defects related labour & materials up till 10 years + depending on contractor selected & products chosen based upon individual lifestyle needs & budget availability restrictions.

Is there any post-project maintenance required after my professional roof replacement/installation is complete?2023-03-10T14:02:59+00:00

Usually there is no further maintenance requirement after the project has been completed other than semi annual inspections (weather permitting). Any minor repairs identified during such inspections can normally be handled quickly by a qualified general contractor or handyman at minimal cost compared to full-scale renovations work required due to lack thereof maintenance over extended periods of time without regular inspections being carried out every few years as recommended by professionals within industry standards practices guidelines.

What is included with my professional roof replacement/installation service?2023-03-10T14:02:00+00:00

We provide a full service which includes removal of existing material(s), preparation of underlying layers (decking & framework where needed), laying down new material(s) along with flashing & ventilation systems integration, cleanup/disposal/recycling services etc. In some cases, minor carpentry repair work might also be required during the process which would be reflected in pricing accordingly if identified upfront before commencement or during the inspection phase following completion by the supervisor inspector.

How much does a professional roof replacement and installation cost in Croydon?2023-03-10T14:00:31+00:00

The cost of a professional roof replacement/installation varies depending on factors such as the size of the job, the material used (e.g. asphalt shingles vs metal), the complexity of the job (e.g slope and height), weather conditions etc.

Will I need any permits for my professional roof replacement and installation in Croydon?2023-03-10T13:59:46+00:00

It is advisable to contact your local building authority to ascertain if you require a permit of any type before starting a new build or carrying out an extensive renovation involving a new roof.

How long will it take to complete a professional roof replacement and installation in Croydon?2023-03-10T13:58:13+00:00

Depending on the size of the project, the complexity of the job, weather conditions, etc., professional roof replacement and installation jobs generally take between 5-7 days for completion.

What types of roof materials can be used for professional roof replacement and installation in Croydon?2023-03-10T13:57:35+00:00

There are many different types of roofing materials available for professional roof replacement and installation services in Croydon, including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, slate tiles, flat foam or single-ply membranes, and clay tile roofs.

Do I need permission from local authorities prior carrying out major repairs relating roofs within my home/property boundary walls?2023-03-10T13:51:04+00:00

Depending on the level of repair works being planned it may be wise to check whether permission is required from government officials before commencement – typically speaking lowest risk jobs (such as simple window replacements) may only require approval from the homeowner whereas more complex operations involving complete facelifts usually mandate approval from building inspectors appointed by relevant councils across Surrey.

Is cleaning my own roof safe?2023-03-10T13:50:03+00:00

No! Due to potential risks associated with accessing high rooftops without proper training or experience, DIY projects like this one should be avoided unless you have prior knowledge about how this type of task should be carried out safely and effectively in an effort to minimise the risk of injuries or property damage caused by improper techniques used during the process of cleaning your rooftop area(s).

What type of chemicals are used during a standard roof cleaning job?2023-03-10T13:48:54+00:00

We typically use biodegradable soaps that are specifically formulated for roofing materials in order to avoid any potential damage while achieving effective results during each job undertaken by our team here at Croydon Property Maintenance.

Will we use a pressure washer for on your roof?2023-03-10T14:11:34+00:00

Pressure washing isn’t recommended for all types of roofs in the UK as this can cause damage if not done properly or with appropriate equipment. For this reason, we recommend letting us assess your situation first before proceeding with any kind of pressure washing work on your property’s rooftop.

What safety measures do we complete before starting a roof cleaning job?2023-03-10T13:47:19+00:00

Before undertaking any kind of work related to your home’s rooftop it’s essential we put into place appropriate safety procedures and protective equipment such as gloves, eye protection and non-slip shoes/boots. Additionally, we never work alone so someone is onsite to provide assistance if needed.

Is it necessary to use special tools when cleaning a Croydon roof?2023-03-10T13:45:58+00:00

Yes, it’s important to use professional-grade tools that are specially designed for roofs in order to ensure safety and efficacy during the cleaning process.

Are our roof cleaning services available all year round?2023-03-10T13:43:40+00:00

Yes – we adjust our working hours & availability in order to accommodate greater demand during peak periods such as summer months where more people tend request services related window/gutter maintenance & likewise many other domestic repairs associated with roofs which require undertaking sooner rather than later in order avoid further issues down line!

How often should I have my roof professionally cleaned?2023-03-10T13:42:25+00:00

It’s generally recommended that you have your roof professionally cleaned once every 12–18 months, or if you notice any damage or debris slowly accumulating on the surface.