Trees can be a beautiful addition to your property, but sometimes tree removal is necessary to ensure the safety and health of your home. Knowing what are some of the most common reasons for tree removal in Surrey, UK, as well as the local laws that govern it, is important so you can make an informed decision about who to choose as your provider.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal in Surrey:

  • A dead or dying tree – if a tree is severely damaged or compromised due to age or disease, it may need to be removed to prevent it from falling and causing potential hazards.
  • Damage to property – if a tree has grown too close to your house and its roots are cracking your driveway or other structures, it may be necessary to cut it down before further damage occurs.
  • Obstruction of views – if the trees on your property block out the sun or are hindering any views you have of nature or the neighbourhood, they may need to be removed in order for you to get better enjoyment from your outdoor space.
  • Clearing land – when preparing a piece of land for construction, clearing away existing trees may be needed in order to progress on other projects such as building homes or gardens.

Local Laws Regarding Tree Removal

Depending on the area where you live and certain designated green spaces, different laws may apply when considering tree removal. In Surrey, UK, government regulations require landowners who intend on cutting down trees to obtain permission from their local borough council prior to doing so in order to protect wildlife habitats and natural habitats from being destroyed unnecessarily.

Potential Hazards of Not Removing a Tree

If left unchecked or neglected, a tree can become dangerous over time due to pests such as parasites or fungi that grow inside its bark, decay which causes weak limbs that could break off during storms, and wind gusts which could cause entire branches—or worse, the whole tree—to tumble down. Not only could these events cause significant damage to nearby buildings and vehicles, but they could also result in personal injury. Therefore, it’s important that all potential hazards are taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to take action by removing a tree.

Choosing A Reliable Tree Removal Service Provider

When looking for a reliable service provider for tree removal in Surrey, UK, look no further than Croydon PropertyMaintenance. Croydon Property Maintenance provides professional services that not only meet all local regulations regarding trees but also provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing their project is safely completed.

With more than 25 years of experience, Croydon Property Maintenance is dedicated to providing quality work at affordable rates — making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for trustworthy services related to tree removal. What makes Croydon Property Maintenance stand out from its competitors is its commitment to customer service excellence — every team member passes background checks and has extensive knowledge about local laws so customers don’t have to worry about running into unforeseen legal troubles while completing their project!

Additionally, Croydon Property Maintenance offers comprehensive insurance coverage — both public liability insurance and employers’ liability —so customers know they will receive compensation should anything go wrong during their project. With transparent communication and quick response times, Croydon Property Maintenance takes great pride in delivering excellent customer experiences from start to finish — something that sets them apart from other providers in Surrey!

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